Control Room

With mood lighting AND natural light, line-of-sight to Live Room via window, comfortable sofa, custom-built studio furniture, extensive patchbay and tielines to the rest of the facility, commercial sound treatment including wooden diffusors, bass traps, foam etc.

Live Room

Extensively treated for great isolation, mood lighting, extensive tielines to Control Room/rest of facility, size adjustable via heavy curtains, large window to Control Room.

Live Studio

Our new secret weapon, 336 sq ft with controllable sound conditioning enabling anything from INCREDIBLY BIG to reasonably flat, tielines to rest of facility, this room is ideal to capture that live feel whilst the tie lines give us total separation!

Editing Room

Small office with PC/Pro Tools for internet use/audio transfers and editing, a CD/DVD printer, and a 7-disc CD duplicator. There is WIFI access throughout the facility. Also has the mandatory tea/coffee and usually biscuits.

Isolation Rooms

We have two independant isolation rooms with tielines to the control room for recording loud guitar/bass independently of the main live rooms. This saves YOU studio time as we are able to track ‘final’ sounds at the same time as the drums.

Photography Studio

Shared with the Live Studio, this is a fully fitted white infinity curve Photography Studio, used by professional photographer Amy Brammall. It can be booked seperately to, or in conjunction with the recording studio.

Dressing Room

Adjoining the Photography Studio is a dressing room with tables/stools/mirrors/clothes rails.


‘Retro-chill-out’ (is that a word?) area with massive selection of VHS videos, a CRT TV/Video, a Nintendo GameCube with 3 controllers, sofa etc. Also has TV with video link to photography studio/live room as required.


Microwave/fridge/sink/dishwasher etc. for catering.There is  also a  Vending machine with food/cold drinks and toilet.

Rehearsal Rooms

The facility also has both residential and hourly practice rooms with/without PA systems available – please contact us for more details.